my name is Jenny Harp and my single greatest passion is traveling.  my second great passion is photography.  so it comes as no surprise that I enjoy capturing the spirit of discovery.

this blog aims to study how travel has developed and also been manipulated by photography.  also, how the increased use of social media in recent years may or may not have contributed to the distortion of many travel destinations.  I must confess that I also may, or may not, be guilty of booking my travels based on the photographs of a place alone…

I’ve had a passport since I was 5 (it was only so I could travel to Canada), but the real travel bug started when my grandmother took me to Paris for my 10th birthday.  I have visited 33 countries with at least 2 more planned this year.  I am from the US, but unfortunately have only been to 28 states; too busy traveling across the pond than in my own backyard I guess. (I aim to fix that in the next few years.)

and in case you want to know what I look like, here you go:

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