Your Camera Videos vs. Online Videos

when I first thought about what I was going to include in this post, I thought it was going to be a comparison of the amazing (and more than likely, highly edited) videos put online by a company’s website and then my home video shot on my iPhone.

I was surprisingly wrong.  at least in this instance.

I traveled to Thailand in the summer of 2013 and spent a few days on Ko Phi Phi Don island.

Ko Phi Phi

on this island, in the town, they have a whole bunch of bars right on the beach that have fire shows almost every single night.  this was clearly something I needed to see when I heard about it from all of the Australians on the island (there sure are a lot of them visiting).  below is the short little video I put together from some of the fire shows that I saw:

pretty cool right?  that snippet isn’t edited whatsoever (I think you can even hear my peanut gallery comments on it in the background), but it is exactly what I saw when filming with my iPhone.

I was curious then to see what the bars on the island had put up for their videos of the fire shows.  surely it would be much better than mine.  I was honestly surprised to find that mine wasn’t that far off.  mine might be a little more shaky, but still.  not too bad.

Carlito’s Bar

I want to be honest with you guys… at first I was a little upset that they didn’t have a better video of their fire show.  I wanted to see an amazing video that would take my breath away (or at least come close to it).

what’s wrong with having a non-edited video though?  doesn’t it make the experience you are watching seem more real?  but now the question is I guess, does the real video make you (if you have never been to one of these fire shows in Thailand) want to go see it?  or, and be honest now, would you probably be tempted to go travel to Thailand and see the show if it was a highly edited video that made the fire show look absolutely stunning and an event not to be missed?


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