The Other Travel Photographs

Manila Bay©

the photograph above is more than likely what you are going to find in a guide-book when discussing Manila Bay in the Philippines.

manila bay trash© Reuters/Cheryl Ravelo

the above photograph is something not shown in a guidebook to the Philippines.

it is important to know matters in other countries, that way it would be possible to find ways to help while traveling to the beautiful places a different country has to offer if you choose to do so.  it is unfortunate, but sometimes the lack of help comes from the simple fact that individuals are not educated on what is happening.  I know I certainly did not know this was the state of the bay in Manila.

what if the idea was proposed of maybe that these types of photographs should be included?  what if guide books included some sort of donation with the sale of their books? or maybe even TripAdvisor could highlight issues of various countries and provide opportunities for individuals to help do something about it.  after all, isn’t being “real” one of the things that TripAdvisor prides itself on?

it may not be significant changes, but every change starts with a small step.


One response to “The Other Travel Photographs

  1. That’s a good idea! I’m sure every place in the world has a good and not so charming side that might appeal to some travelers. It’s gonna make every guidebook twice as thick though. haha.

    I wrote about Manila Bay too! I found a not-so popular place that might surprise people who think that it’s just trash and sunsets 🙂


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