Colby from Colorado

since I like to bring y’all something fun on Fridays, I’m going to feature another photographer today.  meet Colby Brown.  the images this man produces are beautiful.  certainly edited of course, but still beautiful nonetheless.  check out a few of photographs below:

Petra by NightThe Power of GullfossThe Racetrack 2Colby 4© Colby Brown Photography

however, what makes Colby different is how he has found a way to use photography to give back to the world.  it should probably come as no surprise that those who spend their lives traveling the world to see everything it has to offer can usually find the good still left.  seeing this hope usually inspires a want to help.  enter The Giving Lens.

We could bring photographers together in community, to fuel their passion for travel, and to take that passion and aim at worth non-profits around the world. By creating the hybrid of workshops, volunteering, and photo-education, we not only grow as photographers by leaps and bounds, but also as people; as human beings. And we get to do it all to the benefit of communities in developing nations!

the Giving Lens is an organization that allows photographers to volunteer their lenses for non-profits.  on the various trips the photographers are tasked with taking photographs that the non-profits will use in a variety of ways, whether that be for communication purposes or teaching photography to children so that they have a creative outlet.  from the words of Colby Brown himself in his interview with Aperture Academy:

The ability to take a photography workshop where you not only learn to become a better photographer, but where your money, time and energy goes directly to help those in the communities we are working and teaching.

TGL 3TGL 1TGL 4TGL 2© The Giving Lens

it really is a wonderful organization and a way to give back while traveling at the same time, which is certainly something this world needs.  and if you need a little more convincing on why this is needed, read the following words from Colby Brown himself in his interview with Its Just Light:

Ever since I got into travel and photography, I have always felt that life was very one sided. As a photographer and/or a traveler, we visit these amazing locations, take photos of beautiful landscapes, buildings, people and events and then leave. Some of us make a living off these images and the countries we visited got what? Money for food and hotels, most of which goes to the corporate hotel owners in these countries? That never seemed right.

now if you are really in love with this guy (maybe not as much as his wife and son are), you can watch this video (fair warning, it’s an hour long) where he discusses all things photography.


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