#NoFilter Challenge

I will admit this first and get it out-of-the-way so that there are no questions.  I love the filters on the Insta (that’s short for Instagram in case you were curious).  I especially love the Insta more when they added the enhanced editing features besides just the original filters.  and now you can even adjust the strength of the filters as well!  oh my.  it’s like a little Photoshop in your pocket.

as much as I love the filters, I would have to agree that sometimes it’s a little much.  don’t get me wrong, they make b-e-a-utiful photographs.  however, real life is pretty beautiful on its own.  I mean, this is a quick snap of my backyard with just my iPhone camera (not even with my fancy schmancy “good” camera).

the arc

but unfortunately, the whole filter thing has gotten a little out of hand.  don’t you agree?  I mean, there is now a hashtag called #NoFilter!  if it wasn’t an issue then it stands to reason that this particular hashtag wouldn’t be as popular as it is right?

I now bring to your attention the London City Airport.  why would you care about an airport you wonder?  well earlier this summer, this airport launched a No Filter Challenge.  they asked 10 travel bloggers to post photos from some of the most popular flight destinations travelers visited from the airport.  first up was Madrid.

below are some of the photographers from the blogger The Well-Traveled Postcard.  I think they are beautiful and I also might slightly love this travel blogger more because she seems to share some of my thoughts on the current state of travel photography.  (think it would be creepy if I tried to friend her on Facebook.  I mean we are clearly kindred spirits right?  or did I take this too far?  I took this too far.  I’ll stop.  anyway, on to the photos…)

Well Traveled Postcard 1

Well Traveled Postcard 2

Well Traveled Postcard 3

Well Traveled Postcard 4© The Well-Traveled Postcard


do you think it might be a little sad though that in society we feel as though we now need to have campaigns like this?  or am I alone in this?  if I am, I’ll just pack my bags and go live in London City Airport.  at least we see eye to eye.



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