Just Because I Love It

I know that what I’m about to share with you has nothing to do with travel, but it does have something to do with photography.  and since I’ve apparently been on an Instagram kick lately, I’m just going to continue with that theme for this week.  (I promise to get back to regularly scheduled programming next week.)

also, it’s Friday.  which means the weekend.  which means fun.  which is why I’m giving you something to laugh at.  (I apologize if the images below describe you to a T.  I mean no harm.)

Oatmeal 1Oatmeal 2Oatmeal 3Oatmeal 4Oatmeal 5

we all have that one friend that fits perfectly into this Instagram category (and some of you have more than one.  sorry about that).


story and images kindly borrowed from The Oatmeal.


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